Set defalut colors and fonts using build time or runtime theming

Core Style

Core scss file 'src/assets/scss/style.scss' is loaded in _app.tsx. This style.scss loads bootstrap css, defalut color and font.

Theme (Color & font) can be changed by using two approaches

  1. Built time theming (Recommended)
  2. Runtime theming

Build time theming

Step 2: Update color & fonts

Follow Colors and Fonts documentation.

Step 1: Remove theme provider

Remove the ThemeProvider and <div className="page-loader" /> component from pages/_app.tsx, also delete the src/theme folder. This is used for runtime theming.

Runtime theming

Note: We do not recommend this approach. We used this only for demo purpose

Theme Provider

Few demos has different colors and fonts. We override the defalut color and font on runtime in the browser.ThemeProvider injects necessary css files for overring the defaults.

How it works

ThemeProvider location is /src/theme. Please check /src/theme/themeOptions.changeTheme function of /src/theme/themeOptions injects css files based on current route loaded in browser. changeColor function injects 2 css files, one is the color CSS path and another is the font CSS path.

Available color options:

aqua.css, green.css, leaf.css, navy.css, orange.css, pink.css, purple.css, red.css, violet.css, yellow.css, fuchsia.css, sky.css, grape.css.

Pros: Multiple themes can be used besed on route

Cons: Theme loads after initializing the page. So user may see default theme for very short time when page loads. You may need to use page loader to hide that.

Sass compilation

You need to run this command npm run sass. When you successfully run this command then all scss converts to CSS inside the public/css

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